Online Gifts and ECards are Great for Everyone!

Why give an Online Gift or an Ecard?

Some people think that these gifts are less thoughtful than more traditional ones. But the truth is that they are the most thoughtful gifts of all. Gifts bought online and Ecards demonstrate thought and care for the receiver and the environment, and have the added benefit of being more convenient for the giver. With Online gifting and Ecards, everyone wins!

Environmentally Friendly: Go Green! Online Gifts and Ecards are also environmentally friendly. Because they are purchased and delivered online, no one has to use their car to shop or transport the gifts. Ecards do not clutter up a home or apartment before finally getting recycled or worse thrown in the trash! Gifts bought online can be delivered directly to the recipient so that you, the giver, avoid the inefficiency of finding the gift in a store, handling it and generating waste as it travels from warehouse to store to your home and finally the recipient.
Why not go further: If you purchase a completely electronic gift (an Egift), such as an online gift card or a music download, then you elminate even more waste and reduce environmental impact. There is no need for delivery trucks and packaging. It also saves fuel for the recipient as many traditional gifts are later returned to the store. A further advantage is that Egifts are not wrapped, which means there is less waste of paper and tape.

Convenient, and Delight Your Friends

For the giver, an Egift is very convenient. It can be bought from the comfort of home, wearing pajamas, without sitting in traffic and braving the crowds at the mall. It can also be bought at the last minute. An Egift takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and eliminates the chances that the giver is wasting their money. The giver can be certain that the recipient will be able to choose something they really want. It shows the recipient that the giver is thoughtful enough to want them to choose what they need the most. Gift cards delivered in EMail are fabulous, since they can be redeemed at great on-line stores like Amazon, where the selection is endless!
ECards delivered directly to your friends in their email is a great way to delight them. Often, the Ecard saves money because the purchase price can be less and there is no postage or time wasted at the post office.

The Most Appropriate Gift By sending an Gift Card or Certificate, the recipient is able to purchase exactly what they want. Most people tend to receive the same gifts every year; generic things that anyone can use or objects related to some hobby. It almost seems as though gifts are given just for the sake of giving something, without really putting a ny thought into it. Everyone is always pleased to receive an Ecard, and when an Egift accompanies it, they can experience the excitement of selecting their own gift without even leaving the house. An Ecard is not just a gift; it is also a fun activity as well.

We all Win!

The bottom line is that Egifts and Ecards benefit everybody involved in the gift-giving process. Money is not wasted, fuel is not wasted, paper is not wasted, and the giver can feel confident that the recipient will love their gift. The recipient is spared pretending to be excited over receiving yet another gift they will never use and then brave the crowds returning it. An Egift is actually a very personal and thoughtful gift for everyone.
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