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Free Reminders so You Stay on Top of All Your Events

Birthday reminders are just the start of organizing important reminders so you don't forget them. You can set up reminders for anniversaries, graduation dates, and so on. Tell us what kind of event it is and we will help you with appropriate suggestions. For birthdays, we can suggest ECards or gifts. Same for anniversaries, graduations, and so on. You can use our service to organize your life events better.
In fact, you can also set up reminders for other people, such as family members or forgetful friends! Remind people to do things they might otherwise forget, such as:
  • Pay Bills
  • Go to the doctor or make doctor appointments
  • Meet people or pick them up at the airport
  • Buy or fetch items

Why Use 2Reminders rather than an online Calendar?

Calendars are great for many things, especially organizing your meetings and appointments. But, if you want to remind someone else, or keep your personal events separate from your work ones, you have to use 2Reminders. We take the point of view that the important thing you want to always see is the list of reminders. When they fall on the calendar is important, but that's secondary. For example, you might have a reminder to pay your monthly rent or mortgage to avoid late fees. In a calendar application, you think about this as 12 monthly events that recur throughout the year. We can give you the same view too, but what's most critical is that you see these reminders are queued up for you without looking through a crowded calendar.
This is even more important when you are setting up reminders that go to other people. You don't want these reminders cluttering up your personal or work calendar! But you want to know what they are and manage them without looking at a monthly or weekly calendar. Calendar applications are great, but they are best for personal time management.

How do I set up these Reminders?

It's easy! Go to My BuzzMinder, your personal portal for reminders and notifications. Click on Reminder Wizard and follow the 3 step process to create a custom reminder. We walk you through the process.
When you're satisfied, you can go to the Reminder List page and view all your reminders at a glance! If you want to edit any of them, click on the individual reminder's "Edit" icon. Click on red "X" if you want to delete it.

Use My BuzzMinder to Manage All Your Reminders and Settings

Whenever you want to check on your reminders, change your personal settings, or add to your contacts, use My BuzzMinder. In fact, use My BuzzMinder to do these things:
  • Create reminders with the Reminder Wizard.
  • Gather more Friends' birthdays
  • Import contacts so you can use to send reminders to them
  • Organize your contacts ino Groups, so you can organize your contacts into work-related or personal or family
  • Update your profile, including password, email address, birthday, and so on
Go ahead and try My BuzzMinder now! And, stay tuned for even more fun and useful features!
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