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2Reminders Notifies You When Your Friends or Family have Birthdays

Never forget a birthday again! Try us and we’ll remind you so you don't miss the birthdays of people you care about. They are all in one place, so you can always plan ahead and see what's coming up. You can receive reminders in your email and, if you like, on your mobile phone. It's easy! And we help keep you on top of all your personal events, so that you don't get surprised by forgetting birthdays or anniversaries or other important dates.

How it Works note We help you gather your friends' birthdays. Then, a week before their birthday, we remind you and make some suggestions for Ecards or Gifts you can get them. You can customize it to receive the reminder any time you want.

Of course, you are free to do whatever you want with the reminder. You have no obligation to choose cards or gifts. We're happy to help you in any way.

We can send follow-up reminders too, just in case you forget. But, at any time you control the reminders you get for each birthday. You can easily add or delete reminders. You're always in the driver's seat!

Just follow our set up process and we'll show you how easy it is to get started with your account, Sign Up.

How we help you gather the Birthdays

It's easy to gather your friends' birthdays. Of course, if you know them because you've memorized them or have them handy, you can just enter it when you set up your account. If you don't know or aren't sure of their birthday, that's no problem! We'll send them an email in your behalf asking them to enter it for you! After they get this email, they go to a secure page to enter their birthday and we'll let you know when that's happened. So, there's not a lot of drudgery or work involved! 2Reminders and your friends do the work for you. And, think how pleased they'll be to know that you're thinking of them!

And if you don't know all their email address from memory, no problem! We can help you fetch them from your email service! So, no extra effort for you!

Just follow our set up process and we'll show you how easy it is to get their email addresses and send them the requests to enter their birthdays. Start by setting up your account, Sign Up.

Send ECards For your convenience, we make it easy to send our ECards to your friends. These ECards are unique and made for people just like you. They are a little different from what you might get at other sites. Over time, you'll see more content that's geared to people who want to have fun and play with their ECards a little bit. We promise: you won't be bored!

You can try us right away by sending an eCard to a friend. Click ECards to do that. Or maybe just send it to yourself to see how it works. It's easy and fun! See how special our cards are. And lovingly crafted.

Try both our free and premium ECards.
Our cards also feature exclusive content by noted photographers like Lee Thompson.

Get Organized, Delight Your Friends By using 2Reminders, you can become better organized. Even if you wait until the last moment to send a gift or greeting to your friend or family member, we can still help! By delivering things over the Internet, you can do things right up to the last moment and it could still get to your friends in time! If you send ECards or downloadable gifts or e-Gift Cards, it only takes moments to deliver them to your friends!
ECards delivered directly to your friends in their email is a great way to delight them. Gift cards delivered in EMail are fabulous, since they can be redeemed at great on-line stores like Amazon, where the selection is endless!

Go Green with 2Reminders and our related service, GiftMinders

Now, just think of all the time, energy and effort you'll save by not going place to place to find cards, stamps, gifts, and shipping these items. The cost and energy savings are significant. And of course with our ECards and online Gifts, there's far less packaging and other waste. Read more about why Online Gifts and ECards are a winning choice for all of us, Online Gifts and Ecards are Great for Everyone.

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So, receive reminders, wherever it's convenient. Get reminded in email so you will never forget birthdays and important moments of your life. You control when and how often you want to be reminded for each event, and we ensure you won't forget. It's simple! Just a few seconds to get started. So, try us now and we take care of everything else.
We also offer free and premium E-Cards and gift ideas to help you stay organized and make your life easier. So, try Sign Up now for free!
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