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List Price: $14.95
Price: $11.00 Details
Issues:5 issues / 12 months

Availability: Your first issue should arrive in 4-6 weeks.

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(390 customer reviews)

Product Description

Seventeen is a general service magazine for young women emphasizing fashion, beauty and lifestyle information, including health, food, careers, relationships, sports and entertainment.

Product Details

  • Brand: Hearst Magazines
  • Formats: Magazine Subscription, Print

Editorial Reviews Review

Seventeen is your handbook to life! Full of great fashion tips that keep you ahead of the trends... the hottest makeup, the best products for beautiful skin, must have jeans, the best shoes, belts & bags, and those great little dresses that keep you looking your best at school, parties... or just about anywhere! Get the latest scoop on celebrities, music, movies and more. Plus, catch up on the guy scene every month with Seventeen's Guy Talk. Recent features include “615 Fashion & Beauty Ideas,” “Be Green: Easy Ways to Save the Planet,” “Your Best Abs Ever,” and “Our First Celeb Beauty Awards.”

Who Reads Seventeen?
Seventeen readers want a guide where they can find everything important, all in one place. Seventeen's fashion-conscious, trendy readers are interested in the latest beauty and style trends. They want to know what's hot in music and movies and get the latest celebrity gossip. Seventeen readers are sophisticated and identify with social issues, political dilemmas, and world news.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Fashion: sportswear, footwear, fashion jewelry & watches, handbags, swimwear, sleepwear/lingerie...
  • Beauty: cosmetics, hair care, skin care...
  • Health: mind and body health, fitness, nutrition...
  • Love Life: boys, dating, and love...
  • Your Life: teenage experiences, true crime, girls who made a difference...
  • Weekend: entertainment, party planning, room makeovers...
  • And… Letter from the Editor, letters from readers, Traumarama, horoscopes.

Magazine Layout:
Seventeen expertly blends engaging articles with beautiful photos. Learn how to do anything with easy directions and step-by-step pictures... craft your hair into the perfect style, strengthen your core for flat abs, and apply makeup to get your perfect look. Each section of the magazine is clearly identifiable, so you can quickly find your favorite articles.

Leading the diverse Seventeen team, Ann Shoket was named editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine in January 2007. Under her helm, Seventeen continues to represent an important rite of passage, helping more than 13 million readers grow up to be confident, self-assured young women.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Over the past five decades, Seventeen has helped shape teenage life in America. Seventeen has represented an important rite of passage, helping to define, socialize and empower young women. Seventeen has been a significant force for change—creating notions of beauty and style, proclaiming what’s hot in music and movies, identifying social issues, celebrating the idols and icons of popular culture. One of the most buzz-worthy programs is the “Seventeen Body Peace Project,” a year-long initiative to help girls stop obsessing about what their body looks like, start appreciating it for what it can do, and ultimately make peace with their bodies. Seventeen also partnered with MySpace, the largest social networking site, to launch the ground-breaking Web reality program “Freshman 15,” which gives millions of teens an inside scoop on the often overwhelming emotional and lifestyle changes taking place at college.

Seventeen readers have a passion for a variety of products. Advertisers include fashion, retail, footwear, accessories, beauty and health products. These range from luxury goods to everyday essentials targeted to fashion conscious, trendy young women.

The perky authority on all things girl since 1944, Seventeen magazine still provides advice and encouragement to masses of young misses. Although the primary focus is fashion and famous folk, this teen zine is not mere eye candy. Mixed among the cutting-edge styles (and multitudinous ads) you'll find short but plentiful articles. Topics range in import: fluff stuff like "What Will You Wear Back to School?" and "The Ultimate Ponytail Guide" is balanced by heavier fodder, such as "No One Believes I Was Raped" and pieces on having a gay sibling and the dangers of binge drinking. Skewed largely toward a Caucasian teen audience, the magazine's coverage of beauty and relationship conundrums does offer nods to young women of color. The tone is resolutely positive, and amid all the talk of must-have hairdos and hottie alerts, the message is girl power in its most nonthreatening guise. --Brangien Davis

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
4Amazon needs to wake up
By Joy
Barnes and Noble offers FREE digital subscriptions on the Nook for print subscribers on almost all of their magazines. Amazon, on the other hand has us paying more than double the price per year, which is absolutely ridiculous. I emailed Customer Service about this and the best answer they could give me is that Amazon doesn't offer free digital subscriptions for print subscribers. Its a shame because the magazine is beautiful on the Amazon Kindle. The the price doesn't make it worth it. The sooner Amazon sees that they're losing money over these outrageous prices, the better.

UPDATE 1/27/13: Amazon has now reduced the subscription price from $25 to $15, so I subscribed about 3 months ago and have changed my stars from 2 to 4 because its a great magazine at a decent price.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
3If Teen Magazine Was Available I Would Rather Buy That
By anna
I was a teen in the 80s and had a awesome choice with teen girl magazines . Some of the articles are way to racey for some I would think . I bought this magazine for all 3 of my daughters and wasn't all impressed of a particular article my oldest daughter brought to my attention about the explaining of semen .But again my daughter was 17 at the time so I 'm fully aware of what to expect and it can possibly help my daughter be comfortable with herself . I'm buying it mainly so she can get good ideas about food , exercise and skin and hair care . No matter how much I might know lol it's natural for her to want to find out elsewhere . Wish me luck with my youngest child and last 2 year subscription lol .

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
1I will not pay for garbage for my 17 year old
By Momof3wifeof1:)
Well...I bought this for my 17 year old daughter, ironically enough. I had subscriptions to this magazine as a teenager. Well, it has most definitely changed and geared more towards a young adult, in my opinion. Needless to say, I will be grabbing it from the mailbox before she gets her hands on it and will not be auto-renewing it. When she is old enough to purchase it on her own, that will be her choice. But, I will not pay for garbage for my 17 year old.

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