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Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama
By Anna Dewdney

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Product Description

Llama, Llama red pajama

waiting, waiting for his mama.

Mama isn't coming yet.

Baby Llama starts to fret.

In this infectious rhyming read-aloud, Baby Llama turns bedtime into an all-out llama drama! Tucked into bed by his mama, Baby Llama immediately starts worrying when she goes downstairs, and his soft whimpers turn to hollers when she doesn't come right back. But just in time, Mama returns to set things right. Children will relate to Baby Llama's need for comfort, as much as parents will appreciate Mama Llama's reassuring message.

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #298 in Books
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Penguin Group Usa Inc
  • Published on: 2005-05-05
  • Released on: 2005-05-05
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.51" h x .44" w x 10.37" l, 1.15 pounds
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 40 pages


  • Sold as an Each
  • Kids will love this book
  • A cute story line with fun illustrations will keep them captivated for hours
  • An ideal way to build literacy skills
  • Children love being read to as it is great way for increasing bonding time

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-K–With its sweet rendering of the trials of bedtime and separation anxiety, this book's familiar theme will be a hit with youngsters. Baby Llama, all tucked in and kissed after his bedtime story, watches his mama leave the room with a worried expression on his face. When he calls her and she does not come back immediately, he succumbs to a fit of wailing and weeping, finally bringing his panic-stricken mother at a full gallop. After her reassurance that "Mama Llama's always near, even if she's not right here," Baby Llama settles and drifts off to sleep. This story has a simple rhyme scheme, using natural language that children will enjoy. The large, boldly colored pictures have a grand and sweeping quality, extending out to the edges of the pages. Baby Llama's facial expressions capture his fear and alarm wonderfully. The contrast between light and dark enhances the drama in the story. This effective read-aloud will be a popular choice for storyhour and one-on-one sharing.–Corrina Austin, Locke's Public School, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Booklist
PreS. After Mama Llama reads Baby Llama a bedtime story and turns out the light, the llama drama begins. Feeling alone without his mama, Baby Llama wants a drink and calls down to Mama, who says she'll be up soon. But Baby Llama frets, whimpers, boo-hoos, pouts, and shouts. What if Mama is gone? At last, she appears (she was talking on the phone), and reassures her baby that she's "always near, / even if she's / not right here." Dewdney gives a wonderfully fresh twist to a familiar nighttime ritual with an adorable bug-eyed baby llama, staccato four-line rhymes, and page compositions that play up the drama. The simple rhymes call out for repeating, and the whimsical illustrations cleverly dramatize the increasing panic. Key worry words, such as fret, are highlighted, and for extra humor, Baby Llama's toy llama mimics his every expression. A real charmer that will leave preschoolers giggling and parents appreciating the familiar scenario. Julie Cummins
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


“Dewdney gives a wonderfully fresh twist to a familiar nighttime ritual with an adorable bug-eyed baby llama, staccato four-line rhymes, and page compositions that play up the drama.” —Booklist

“With its sweet rendering of the trials of bedtime and separation anxiety, this book's familiar theme will be a hit with youngsters.” —School Library Journal 

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Depending upon the child, this cute, fun little bedtime book just might help toward closing those little eyes!
By Grandma Zizzy
Most parents and grandparents will have a wry smile and nod of recognition while reading this book! Found this book on Amazon's book editors "100 Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime", which has been very handy in directing me toward books for our four grandchildren that had been published after my own children were young, and in reminding me of books I'd forgotten (need a new lock for that memory bank!) Anna Dewdney does a nice job of matching rhymes with her own whimsical illustrations in recreating the real-life scenes grandparents can recall with their own children (and young parents may be currently experiencing), in which Baby Llama (in his red pajamas) is read a bedtime story by Mama Llama, after which he's kissed goodnight and Mama heads downstairs to a sink full of dishes.

Baby starts feeling a bit apprehensive in the dark, and begins the usual childhood ploys for getting Mama back in the room... he needs a drink, calls out for her, but she's preoccupied with dishes and then a phone call. He begins wimpering, moaning, crying, hollering, stomping and pouting, jumping and shouting... wondering possibly "if Mama Llama's GONE?" Mama finally comes back in, a bit frustrated at first, then softening as she realizes he just needs a bit of reassurance... "Little Llama, don't you know, Mama Llama loves you so? Mama Llama's always near, even if she's not right here." After a double dose of kisses, he's then able to snuggle into his pillow and fall asleep.

Oh my goodness, did this book rattle my memory bank... though I can look back on it now and chuckle, I recall being five months into pregnancy with my second son, attempting to transition the first one (@ 2-1/2 years old) into a "big boy bed". The bottom of the baby bed had been lowered as far as it could be for quite a while, and we were nearing the time we'd have to raise it all the way back up! "Numero Uno", as I affectionately call him, was SO happy - we have a picture of him all tucked in on his first night, his trusty Glo Worm (a stuffed toy from the early '80s) at his side, great big grin on his face... until I walked out. Oh, the bedtime battle of wills between parent and child!

Sometimes all it takes is that extra bit of reassurance. That's how it was with my younger son, and with our oldest grandson. But as for my own oldest and our middle grandson (HIS son), all I could do - when "Numero Uno" told me about his struggles in trying to get his second son to stay in bed and go to sleep - was to give a wry smile and nod of recognition - and a big ol' wink! Cute book, fun to read, and certainly worth a try!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Catchy verses, great illustrations
By Anonymous
I read reviews of this product that said kids started displaying some of the behaviors in this book after reading it. I have 2 kids - neither did that. I'm sure that this can happen since certain kids are impressionable - even with cartoons. But I think ultimately if you are consistent with what is expected from your child, mild behaviors that have to be corrected are not an issue. It's part of them learning and testing boundaries. My sons will sometime do this when they see a child acting out in a grocery store line.

The book is very colorful, has great illustrations, and the verse is catchy. It holds my 2- and 4-year-old boys' attention very well, and my 2-year-old asks for the llama story almost immediately when we go to his room for bedtime. I have other books in the Llama Llama series, and all of them are great. If you are uncertain about the story after reading multiple reviews, you may want to get the book from the library and read it. Also her book Llama Llama Time to Share is a good one as well.

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
5Please stop all this Llama Drama... and buy this book!
By Diapers-and-Daydreams
Llama Llama Red Pajama
Dewdney’s first book of this series, “Llama Llama Red Pajama”, is a home run as far as picture books go. It’s a story parents and kids alike can relate to: Mama Llama says good night and puts Little Llama to bed and goes down stairs to clean up and take care of a few things. But Llama can’t sleep and needs her back. He worries and wimpers and hollers until he gets her back! The sing-songy rhyming in this book and the whining and yelling that the reader will have to do as Llama make this book one of the most fun to read. The accompanying artwork sets this book apart from the others you’ll see at the bookstore, as each page is its own picture painted on canvas, which you do not see often. Buy this book for the next birthday gift of any child you know. You can even buy a stuffed Llama to cuddle with as you read it! Read more at

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