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Issues:10 issues / 12 months

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Get fresh ideas and inspiration on how to make the healthy life truly irresistible. Health covers its readers' many interests, including cutting-edge health advice, natural beauty moves, home remedies that work, celebrity weight-loss secrets, healthy travel, organic and low-fat food, new time-saving workouts, body-flattering fashion and much more.

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  • Brand: The Time Inc. Magazine Company
  • Formats: Magazine Subscription, Print

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Who Reads Health?
Health Magazine's readers are smart empowered women who know that healthy = happy. They turn to Health for fresh ideas and inspiration on how to make the healthy life truly irresistible. The magazine's unique 360-degree approach ensures that Health covers its readers' many interests: cutting-edge health advice, natural beauty moves, home remedies that work, celebrity weight-loss secrets, healthy travel, organic and low-fat food, new time-saving workouts, body-flattering fashion, and much more.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Health Now: In this front-of-book section, Health's editors hand-pick the best new tips, tricks, and updates that will help readers live healthier.
  • Healthy Beauty: Simple secrets to great hair, gorgeous skin, easy makeup, and figure-flattering style.
  • Healthy Shape: Safe, doable weight-loss plans, plus the trick to getting fit without the gym, eating light on the go, and enjoying tasty snacks under 80 calories.
  • Healthy Inside: Smart and reassuring medical advice that makes every reader feel in control of her health. Favorite columns include Your Embarrassing Questions, and Your Body at 30, 40, 50+.
  • Healthy Eating: Every issue, Health features delicious, easy, and good-for-you food. Readers also will find wine picks, no-guilt treats, and quick recipes from famous guest chefs such as Sandra Lee and Jamie Oliver.
  • The Guide: Your ultimate handbook to top-of-mind subjects—from food safety to a great night's sleep.
  • Feature Articles: Health covers a wide range of topics including health, diet, fitness, beauty, food, fashion, strHEA-relief, home, money, travel, natural living, and healthy Hollywood. Recent stories include: Your Body: What's Normal, What's Not; Find Your Naturally Gorgeous Colors; Lose 10 Pounds... And Never Feel Hungry; Five Ways to Fall Asleep Faster; The Best Jeans for Your Body; 7 Women's Health Problems Doctors Still Miss; Surprising Benefits of Wine; Eat Better without Trying; and Found: The $4 Healthy Meal.
Magazine Layout:
Health features a clean modern design that is easy to navigate and exciting, vibrant visuals that make the magazine fun to read.

Click on any image below to see select pages:
Health contributors share something special: their warm, clear, and engaging voice, which makes any topic fascinating—whether it's which spa treatments work or how to prevent breast cancer at any age. Health Magazine's writers include bestselling novelists like Jancee Dunn and Megan McCafferty, award-winning health journalists like Ginny Graves, TV personalities such as Bethenny Frankel, registered dieticians like Senior Food and Nutrition Editor Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, and medical doctors, including Health's own Medical Editor Roshini Rajapaksa, MD. And Health's exclusive recipe developers and guest chefs like Bobby Flay and Nigella Lawson contribute delicious recipes that are simple, and low-fat.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Health Magazine celebrates the joy of feeling great, and this is what makes it stand out from other health and fitness magazines. The magazine approaches weight-loss the way its readers do: as a way to be healthy, not get skinny. Health's friendly and reassuring tone is also unique, and it helps readers feel happy and in control. Health's contributors and experts test all the products and tips before recommending them, so the reader comes away with solutions that actually work, as well as fresh ways to make healthy living a whole lot of fun.

Past Issues:

Health advertisers are all healthy brands that help our readers feel and look their best. They include natural foods companies, good-for-you beauty and personal-care brands, over-the-counter and prescription drugs that prevent or treat common conditions affecting women, fitness apparel, and healthy home products.

In the last two years, Health Magazine has won a FOLIO Eddie & Ozzie award and been nominated for an American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) award for excellence in personal service journalism.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
By Lynn G.
This is a pretty good magazine. If you are totally already motivated and off to the gym nonstop it probably is not the best for you. However, if you are looking for well written concise articles about exercise,.a few recipes, information common health issues, encouraging and entertaining,may help you get healthier. It is good that they do not stress a tiny unrealistic size and want you to be your best you in your best body rather than trying and failing to become a size 0.

Some of the articles have been: Rock your best body, flat abs, toned legs, a tight but, confidence ssecrets , your hunger tamed, makeup, perfect skin and sexy hair


2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
4Health Magazine
By Clan McK
Enjoying my subscription so far but I find it perplexing all the 1-4 page pharmaceutical advertisements included. You know, I understand the need for ads but I would prefer to see other ads not just pharmaceutical ads. They're already multi-billionaire giants. Not everyone that reads Health magazine believes there's a pill or prescription to fix everything. Perhaps some of us prefer a more holistic approach. Other than that fact, it does seem to be a pretty well rounded magazine and for that, I give it a 4 out of 5. Thank you!

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
4One of the better health magazines, especially for those over 30
By Happy Hiker
"Health" magazine is one of the few that doesn't cater to the teens and 20 somethings - not that they could't learn from this one. Even though it does have a celebrity cover model, like most of the fitness oriented magazines, the celebrities aren't in their 20s. "Health" does a good job at offering information for people in their 20s and beyond. This magazine is great for those in their 30s and beyond. They don't forget that many of us are interested in health, even though we're no longer in our 20s. One thing I've noticed is that their recipes look better than what you'd find in "Women's Health," "Shape," and others. The recipes definitely look more appealing and healthy. Also, there's the makeup and fashion coverage, but it's not as obnoxious as those "Shape."

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